Road Accident Fund claims have the reputation of being a confusing and frustrating process. It can take anywhere up to 5 years to finalise and receive your pay-out. If you have been through the process and have received a successful court order or Road Accident Fund (RAF) settlement letter you can apply for a bridging loan with First Financial and get your funds before the official pay-out gets made by the RAF. To find out more read our article on Road Accident Fund Bridging Loans.

Claiming from the RAF is split into two major sections for you as the injured person.

  1. Claiming for medical bills paid for by you or about to be paid for by you.
  2. Claiming for general damages/pain and suffering

This article covers No:1 Claiming for medical bills from the Road Accident Fund. To find out more about claiming for General damages/Pain and suffering from the RAF follow this link to our article outlining the process.

“If you are just starting the process of claiming from the Road Accident Fund for medical bills continue reading below for all the details.”

Claiming from the Road Accident Fund (RAF)

Claiming from the Road accident Fund is not a short process, prepare yourself… There is a lot of information to collect, forms to fill in, sign and submit. Despite efforts from the RAF to make the submission process easier, there are still many who have a hard time submitting their claims and understanding the process. As seen in the diagram it can get complicated! This article aims to demystify the process.

RAF Treatment-processRAF Treatment-process

According to the RAF, it is as easy as gather, complete and submit. While we cover a lot of information in this article it is a good idea to read through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on the RAF website This will help you answer any of the questions you have that are not covered in this article.


Gathering information surrounding the claim is the most time consuming and laborious task of the three. The chances that you managed to collect all the information about your accident at the time of it happening is slim. You will need to get the information of all the people involved, the vehicle details, the police report/case number, medical documentation and any expert testimony from medical or legal practitioners or witness testimony that could help you. If you are having a hard time finding the information the best place to start is with the police report as it should have all the details of the vehicles and people involved in the incident.


Once you have all the information needed you will have to fill in the forms. There are two sets of forms that you could fill in. Section A on the Road Accident Fund website is for claims from before 01 August 2008, Section B is for claims arising after 01 August 2008.

Filling the forms out in black ink and in block letters will ensure that when they are submitted to the RAF offices the representatives will be able to process your claim quickly and correctly. All the forms that you will need are available on the Road Accident Fund website


All forms need to be submitted in hard copy to your nearest RAF office. Faxing the forms will not help you as your claim will not be processed until the original documents are submitted in hard copy.  A list of all the Road accident Fund offices can be found on the RAF website

What’s next?

You have collected all the information, filled in the forms and submitted them in hard copy to the Road Accident Fund office nearest to you. Now you wait. Processing a claim with the RAF takes time, thousands of claims are submitted every month and they all need to get the same level of attention. While it may be frustrating waiting is part of the process. You can follow-up with the RAF by calling the office that you submitted your claim forms to and ask them for an update on your claim. You will sometimes be asked for additional information or documentation pertaining to your claim. The quicker you submit any requested information the quicker the process will take.

Once your claim has been approved payment will be processed by the RAF, this can take up to 180 days, you will be issued with a settlement letter, this letter will outline all the approved payments that are due to you. At this point in order to access your money quicker you can apply for a Road Accident Fund Bridging Loan from First Financial. Our quick and easy application process gets the money you need into your hands in the shortest possible amount of time. Once your loan is approved by First Financial you will receive your money in 24 hours. There is no middle man involved in our loan process this allows you to save on fees and commissions.

What if your claim was not approved?

If your claim was not approved by the RAF, you have the option to get a court ruling against the RAF to pay you out. This process, however, is very complex, and you will require a lawyer to help you with this process. As with any legal action make sure that you do your homework before choosing a lawyer to represent you. When discussing your case with your chosen lawyer agree upfront on their fees and ensure that you understand exactly what amount they will take from your pay-out for their services.

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