Money makes the world go round. Truer words have never been spoken. There is nothing worse than running low on cash when you know that you are due payment or have been rewarded a settlement from the RAF. Bridging finance is the answer to the cash flow question.


Bridging finance originated as a necessity within the housing industry. As with most innovations bridging finance was thought up in the United States. Private and commercial homeowners were taking advantage of the home rentals industry. These houses needed to be renovated to fetch high prices. Funding was required and specialist lenders began to offer bridge finance. With that, an industry was born. Within a few short years, the business model was co-opted, by other sectors of the finance community. Bridging finance truly has evolved into a service that almost anybody waiting for guaranteed funds makes use of. The advent of bridging loans have given financial freedom and assistance to many.

Benefits of bridge finance

After some time, the banks cottoned on to the idea. But they were still bound by lengthy approval processes where specialist lenders made it easier to get bridging finance. Lending criteria differ from mainstream banking to specialist bridge loan companies. Bridging lenders score on many different points against mainstream banking and can pass them on to their clients.

  • Speedy turn-around
  • Fees only paid on completion of the agreement
  • Fees only charged for completed transactions
  • Attainable lending criteria
  • No credit checks

Specialist lenders began to finance within many industries, including the insurance industry. In South Africa, bridging finance is available to road accident fund recipients. Companies like First Financial bring a much-needed service to people who are suffering from an injury as a result of a road accident.

First Finance road accident fund bridging finance

First financial offers a hassle-free and fast-paced process to people who have RAF settlements or court-ordered payments from the RAF. The entire process takes around 24 hours once all the required documentation is submitted. We have broken up the process into two pieces.

Be prepared (Have your documents ready)

  • A successful court order or RAF settlement letter
  • Proof of address
  • ID document
  • Proof of banking details

Get in touch with First Financial

  • Contact us online, call 087 897 9792 or email [email protected]
  • First Financial will prepare and send you a clear and concise quotation
  • Get your RAF claim legal representative to acknowledge the agreement and you sign the agreement
  • You will receive your payment within 24 hours

The freedom that comes with being able to pay your bills is something that we all crave. Uncertainty and trauma of a road accident is something that we all fear. Having a way to manage those uncertain times and be able to provide for your family is not only a need but a necessity. First Financial strives to put you back in control of your finances in the trying times after a road accident.

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